Monday, February 7, 2011

NEW! Ava Anderson Non Toxic Bath and Body!

NEW at Ava Anderson Non Toxic! Bath and Body Products! Shower Gel, Moisturizing Hand Soap and Refill, Body Lotion, and Complete Bath and Body Sets!

Americans pour 365 million gallons of shampoo alone down the drain. Our wastewater plants are designed to remove bacteria, not toxic chemicals form personal care products. Contaminated water is returned to our water and food supply ("sludge" is sold as feritlizer!) Every customer that uses Ava's shampoo, coniditoner, shower gel, and hand soap is saving gallons of toxic chemicals every year from going downt the drain... and forever into the lives of our children their children and their children.

The “AVA BODY” collection is a 10 piece collection for head to toe to lips body care – shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand & body lotion, moisturizing had soap & refill, and lip balm (4 piece set of lip balms) - Used in combination, AVA BODY collection line will bring even problem skin to a new level of healthy, soft, beautiful & resilient. They are a perfect choice for anyone s concerned with toxins & chemicals linked to potential health risks.

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