Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Join the Ava Anderson Non Toxic National Dream Team!


Earn income by sharing this important message

The urgent health information presented on this site is known to few consumers. Yet, the concern for safer products and health information has grown significantly in recent years. Our extensive experience with thousands of people has proven that consumers are eager to hear Ava’s message and buy the products.

This creates a powerful opportunity for you to earn meaningful income.

Seven reasons to start your AVA business

  1. Ava’s products are superb — You will be representing revolutionary “first in class” non-toxic products, at very competitive prices, that are significantly less than many other products in the industry that lead consumers to believe they are safe. The products are consumables, so your customers will continue to generate sales for you via re-orders. These are ideal product and business characteristics for your business.

  2. Work and Earn income your way — You set your schedule. You are your own boss. The opportunity allows you decide how much you would like to work and earn each month. The Compensation Plan pays 30-50% on your personal sales.

    To earn even more, benefit from the business principal of leverage. When you share the opportunity and “sponsor” new Consultants, you earn commissions on their sales. Share an amazing opportunity with others and build a business without limits. We are experiencing exponential growth and want you to participate in this with us.

  3. Join a proven team — Our corporate management team has over 100 years of Direct Sales and Management experience. The family founded and built Princess House, Inc. a leader in the Direct Selling industry. About Us

  4. The best tools and resources — Your professional, Personal Website and Online Office, with all that is needed to succeed and operate your business, is included in the Business Starter Kit. It includes online sales and marketing, Consultant Training Guide, forms, catalog, brochures, order processing, reports and more. Additionally, the company and your Sponsor will provide ongoing training and support to maximize your results.

  5. A paperless company — No need to purchase and stock multi-part forms and expensive catalogs. Sell to customers online, or print what you need from your “online office” for in-person sales

  6. No stocking, or hauling of heavy products — Simply write the orders. We take care of the rest. For your and your customers’ convenience “auto-ship” is available, allowing customers to receive products on the schedule they choose. This means repeat sales for you.

  7. It’s easy and inexpensive to get started — Your Business Starter Kit is only $99, plus S&H and tax. That’s it – no hidden or monthly fees, no stocking, no surprises. You will receive a full size set of all six Skin Care products plus our four new lip glosses and four new lipsticks (double sample sets are an option - one for you, one for your business), and immediate access to your Online Office and Personal Web Site. You can start right now to build your business and your future!

    How to make money

    Our plan is one of the richest and strongest plans in the industry. We took the best practices from our extensive experience (see ABOUT US) and collaborated with industry compensation experts at Jenetek LLC to produce a leading edge plan that includes generous and creative features, while excluding out-dated, negative concepts.

    You can earn money four ways!

    1. EARN on PERSONAL SALES — 30-50% depending on your monthly activity

    2. EARN COMMISSIONS and BONUSES on sales volume of the CONSULTANTS YOU SPONSOR FROM THE VERY FIRST ONE, and on ALL CONSULTANTS IN YOUR GROUP up to 9% on Level 1, and up to 7% on levels 2 and 3. When you promote to Executive, you can earn a Group Bonus of 2% on EVERYONE in your Group.

    3. EARN an EXECUTIVE BONUS of $500 when you promote to EXECUTIVE. When Consultants in your Group promote, you can earn a MATCHING $500 BONUS.

    4. EARN 4% GENERATION COMMISSIONS on all the Group Volume of up to 5 GENERATIONS OF EXECUTIVE GROUPS in your down-line. This means you could earn Commissions on 20 or more Levels of Consultants in your Down-line.

    Key advantages and principles

    1. This is a people business. Your Sponsor and upline Executives are rewarded and motivated to help you succeed.

    2. Grow your business and income based on your efforts. You benefit from the leverage of building a business that is larger than yourself. You are rewarded financially when you sell, manage, and help to develop others.

    3. In other plans, if your Consultants promote faster than you, you may lose them and their group, or earn less. OUR PLAN DOES NOT have such “breakaway”, “pass-by” or “promote out” features. We want to reward you for managing a new Consultant to success! You grow at your pace and can always increase the depth of commissions you earn on your downline as you develop and grow your business. It’s your business, your way, on your schedule.

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