Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ava Anderson Non Toxic Customer Testimonials

Testimonials from our Customers....

  • Moisturizer...
    • “Absorbs extremely well and feels wonderful. Lovely, light, lemon fragrance”

    • “Love the scent and consistancy”

    • “Feels wonderful. Very smooth”

  • Cleanser...
    • “Clear, clean fragrance and works extremely well! Gentle.”

    • “Love the smell. It took all my makeup off. Love it.”

    • “Foams up great. Cleaned without tightening skin.”

  • Toner...
    • “Interesting to note that it does not have that typical alcohol smell and stinging sensation.”

    • “Doesn't smell. Love it.”

  • Exfoliator...
    • “Great smell. Not irritating or too coarse.”

    • “Perfect amount of grit. Loved it.”

    • “Feels fresh. Smells natural. Very effective.”

  • Eye Makeup Remover...
    • “Most effective I've ever used. Superb.”

    • “Awesome. Everything came off! Normally I need to go back with a Q-tip.”

  • Lip Scrub...
    • “Yummy and smooth.”

    • “Gentle enough to use everyday”

    • “Better than any lip balm I ever used”

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